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What Motivates Me

Dr Max MacCloud

I’ve been on a Personal Health Quest since discovering the benefits good nutrition & exercise as a “Husky” 12 year kid in NJ. I transformed myself from an overweight couch potato into one of the fittest kids around in just over a year (placing in top 3 in NY/NJ/CT Marine Corps Physical Fitness Challenge). I caught the fitness bug and started on a very long road to improving my diet and health habits.

That experience set me on the path to my life’s mission of learning everything I could about health, nutrition & fitness, and helping others to transform their health.

I earned three doctorate level degrees in the health sciences and eventually practiced Progressive, Integrative Medicine & Nutrition. I devoted over 40 yrs. to the field, helping thousands of patients along the way. Now I’m focused on developing transformational products & programs to help even more people.

My Story

I’ve been a lacto-ovo vegetarian (with occasional fish) for the past 40+ years while participating in intense daily exercise (including weights, running, cycling, paddling, obstacle courses, HIIT and more). I’ve tried every type of diet & exercise regimen that made sense to me and I learned which were beneficial and which were just hype.

What a person chooses to eat, and how they choose to live, are very personal decisions that everyone must make for themselves. My role, therefore, is to provide the appropriate background information to help you make informed decisions rather than to try and tell you what you should do. My role will be to share what I’ve learned in 50 years of studying these topics. So, to educate, encourage, and coach you, to pose the tough questions, advise, and challenge you. If you’re looking for one of the Johnny-come-lately or born-again health & nutrition gurus, you’ve come to the wrong place. Sure, I’ll give you my opinions when appropriate, but first and foremost, this is about the science plus commonsense while acknowledging that there is still a great deal that we simply don’t know. Just because someone has a degree, that doesn’t mean that they know what they’re talking about. It also doesn’t mean that what works for one person will work for all people. We are all both very similar, and very different, at the same time.

There’s a great deal of confusion out there, much of it ‘intentional’ from both the ‘powers-that-be’ and those with various vested interests. The ‘powers-that-be’ may have more deep-seated agendas as well, but they are also vested in maintaining the status quo, the current order, or their ‘gestalt’ view of how things are and should be. For many others, the motivations are more transparent. They simply want you to buy into what they are saying to influence you into a particular behavior. Most commonly, it is simply about getting you to buy whatever it is that they are selling or subscribe to their ‘inside information.’

I can’t say that there will never be a subscription for access to some of my content as I can’t foresee the future. I can guarantee, however, that I’ll do my best to keep as much of the information on this site free and accessible to all. Ultimately, my intention is to provide value to those who visit my site and to support the efforts via sales of various products that I believe to provide superior benefits to those who use them.

My style and approach may not be for everyone, I can be a bit sarcastic and irreverent. I attempt to cut through the BS that permeates these fields while getting to the heart of the matter vs beating around the bush. Sometimes this can come off as being overly critical, sorry, there’s only so much time available to be politically correct and I’m more concerned about getting to the truth than not ruffling feathers.

All of that being said, I do value your feedback, questions, comments, etc. so please do feel free to engage. It may take a bit a time for me to respond as I get the hang of this mode of interaction, but I will respond when appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

NND is a website devoted to sharing information (and products) that can and will make a difference in people’s lives. It is designed to help cut through all of the BS and unjustified hype that tends to clog up the entire internet (and our inboxes). It incorporates many hard lessons learned over the course of being involved in the health, medical, nutrition, and fitness industries since 1975.

I’m the Nutrition Ninja Doc, Dr. Max B. MacCloud. I have been involved in studying health, nutrition, fitness, and medicine for almost 50 years and have helped thousands of people overcome their health challenges and achieve their health, performance, & appearance goals.

My training and experience are extremely diversified. As a fat kid with reactive hypoglycemia and insulin resistance, I got turned on to exercise and proper nutrition at an early age. Fueled by my early personal success at self-transformation (I became one of the fittest kids around in less than a year) I became obsessed with learning everything I could about health, nutrition, and fitness. I went on to study several related fields including: Psychology, Parapsychology, Nutrition, Fitness, Exercise Physiology, Medicine, Alternative Medicine, and more. I earned several degrees while continuing to do a great deal of outside research, reading extensively and attending all kinds of conferences and trainings.

BA in Psychology & Parapsychology; ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine); PhD, in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences; D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine); plus many additional educational/training programs, and certifications.

Over 45 years of clinical practice working with thousands of patients on a wide variety of health challenges and goals. In addition to a diversified clinical practice, I owned, operated, or directed several Health Clubs/ Fitness Centers and established major Wellness Programs for them.

I chose that name for several reasons. First off, because I love the show American Ninja Warrior and have the goal of being the oldest qualifier/contestant ever. I also understand and realize that a full, open attack on an adversary often fails, especially when up against HUGE opposition (like Big Pharma, Big Food, and Conventional Medicine). Ninja’s were covert operatives that used stealth, along with a variety of alternative or out-of-the box approaches, to achieve missions that could not be accomplished with conventional strategies & tactics. They were masters at numerous esoteric, often referred to as “dark arts.” Basically, they did what was necessary to help the cause they fought for.

Secondly, although it is actually about a lot more than nutrition, nutrition is one of the most important components. Why? Because we each ultimately control what we put in our mouths every day, or at least we SHOULD. Yes, I realize that sometimes it’s about basic survival and we can’t always choose the optimum meal, however, for 90+% of the people of the planet, it is no longer about basic survival, it is about habits and convenience, it is about making bad choices. The vast majority of people in developed countries have access to enough food yet make choices to eat things that DO NOT support their health and wellbeing.

So, even though there are MANY variables that can and do impact our health, nutrition is one of the most important based on the facts that: 1. We each ultimately control what passes through our lips every day. 2. Far too many people choose to allow poor-quality, health-destroying JUNK to go into their mouths several times a day. 3. What we eat and assimilate, plays a huge role in how we feel, heal, and perform. Garbage In = Garbage Out, that part really is pretty simple. 4. Very large, powerful, and at times, EVIL forces have conspired against the people of our planet to entice the masses to EAT Junk and make other poor lifestyle choices. These factors help to suppress people’s health, happiness, intelligence, and drive. Sickly, addicted people are much easier to manage and oppress than healthy, vibrant, thinking ones.

Yes, many were, they were essentially the one of the first documented “special forces,” kind of like our modern-day Navy Seals, Secret Agents, and other special ops soldiers. They took on seemingly impossible missions using a wide array of exceptional physical and mental skills to support the causes of those they fought for. They had to figure out how to accomplish a given goal and employ whatever means possible to achieve it. My mission is to assassinate health-challenges and all of the misguided, health-destroying approaches that are currently masquerading as ‘healthcare’ but are actually ‘disease-care’ based on pseudo-science & profit rather than real science & helping people.

Ninjas had to use both all the conventional tools and weapons available, AND to create new, different, innovative tools and approaches to accomplish their missions. Today we face some of the worst health challenges ever and the standard conventional approaches have proved completely inadequate to the task of defeating them. It’s time for a new breed of “Health Warrior” that thinks outside of the box and is willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the EVIL Powers that currently maim and kill millions of our fellow humans (and other animals) every year. Make no mistake, WE ARE AT WAR! Far too many brilliant, well-meaning men and women, pioneers and visionaries in the fields of health, medicine, nutrition, and fitness, have been destroyed by attempting to attack the evil forces that have taken over these fields. It’s time to do something different! We all know the definition of insanity, continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result than the last time. The Ninja philosophy and approach is about figuring out what works and doing it!

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Our goal here is to help make healthy choices less challenging by filtering out the mis-information and replacing it with quality, reliable, health and nutrition facts you can rely on.

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