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Greetings & welcome to The where I do my best to highlight and explain various health-related topics that I believe are important. My goal is to help you to overcome your health challenges and achieve your health, performance, & appearance goals. The basics of achieving & maintaining high levels of health and performance are fairly simple, however, the details can get quite complicated, messy, and time-consuming to ferret out. That’s why I do what I do

Nutrition Ninja Doc


Immune Support Travel Kit

The Immune Support Travel Kit

The Immunse Support Travel kit contains: Lipo-C, BIG Restore, Vits. D3 & K2, Zinc T&T, Lugol’s Iodine Solution, and RHMEDY all in travel size bottles (100ml or less).
Musings from Nutrition Ninja Doc

What the Hell is Going on? | Musings from The Nutrition Ninja Doc

The big ruse, corruption, 5G rollout or fallout, social distancing, masks, vaccines, isolation, and what does it all mean...
Shilajit and Carbon 60

Moving ON from Masks and Lockdowns to Real Immune Boosting Solutions!

B.I.G. RESTORE Immune Boosting Solutions is a combination of Shilajit and Naturally-Occurring Carbon 60. This combination is, in my opinion...

Masks BAD, Hygiene GOOD – Masks & other strategies to reduce the spread of potential pathogens

Masks are virtually useless at preventing the spread of airborne viruses although they can help to a degree with reducing the spread of bodily fluids from coughing and sneezing

Ed D. – Respiratory

Ed D is a health & fitness enthusiast who wanted to try out our Triple Therapy that includes Light Tx, Whole Body Vibration, & EWOT plus our Total Brain & Body Oxygen protocol. After just one session his months long respiratory congestion was 80% improved.

Carol B. – Pain Management

Carole B has a long history of knee pain including surgical interventions that failed to eliminate her pain. After just one session of our unique Triple Therapy plus knee traction and her pain is down by 80%.