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Pruning for Double-Cropping. Extending the raspberry season We also tried a novel technique known as ‘double cropping’ on our raspberries. Double Cropping of autumn fruiting Raspberries (Primocane types) Double cropping of Primocane raspberries is ideal if you don’t have room to grow standard Floricane types (summer fruiting) in addition to Primocane varieties. When the harvest ends, many pests accumulate on the bushes - it's time to destroy them by cutting and eliminating the excess branches by burning. More information on pruning. Suitable for trellis or ground cover use, the Rubus Idaeus Autumn Bliss will be in perfect harmony side by side with other varieties of small fruits. I have no idea why more people don’t grow them. A single simple trick will result in two flushes of fruit, Last modified on Tue 19 Jun 2018 12.48 BST. The main thing is not to postpone this event until the frost. 9 posts • Page 1 of 1. bigpepperplant KG Regular Posts: 216 Joined: Wed Jan 25, 2006 12:29 pm Location: london. Grow these reliable autumn fruiting raspberries for delicious crops from August to October. If you don’t have enough room to grow both summer and autumn varieties, you can maximise fruiting by double-cropping once your autumn plants are established. The double cropping gave a harvest of 5.5 kilos. Once this fruit crop has finished, cut the fruited canes down to the ground. Cut the rest of the canes back as usual. The best of the yellow coloured, autumn fruiting raspberries. Thin to around 10cm (4in) apart. 12. The objective is to alternate the cropping of the rows to allow the summer fruiting row to have a rest in the autumn. Volume discounts. getting a double crop from Autumn Bliss raspberries. Height: 150cm (59"). Raspberry Autumn bliss - double cropping variety Rubus idaeus Autumn Bliss Rubus Idaeus Autumn Bliss is a variety of very vigorous and productive late raspberries. And if you want the best of both worlds, you can even double-crop your autumn raspberries. Malling Juno (early) - Tasting the first raspberries of the season is always a treat and Malling Juno is one of the best on the market. Double cropping is useful if space does not allow growing summer fruiting cultivars as well. This outstanding variety is supplied as long, self supporting canes that will give you a crop in their first season! Joan J Sweet and aromatic, on mercifully spine-free plants. The upright, spine-free canes make picking easy too! The medium to large berries have a firm texture and a deliciously sweet flavour - just perfect for eating fresh. 10 canes of Autumn Bliss (always a bit of a tardy fruiter here) produced just 2.5 kilos using the conventional cut canes down in the winter method. Autumn-fruiting varieties begin to crop in August and continue until October or even the first frost of winter. have always had a thing for raspberries. The raspberry Autumn Bliss is... More details Ce produit est actuellement en rupture de stock. Post by bigpepperplant » Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:33 pm . Your cart will total 6 I secretly prefer autumn raspberries, though I do grow both types. Contact our customer service for more information or contact us by email, Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our news and special offers, Quantity prices are per quantity of mixed combinations, Raspberry Autumn bliss - double cropping variety, universal potting soil/garden soil/compost. Scatter the soil around the canes with a thick layer of mulch to suppress weeds, and add a scattering of high potash feed, such as dried kelp, and that’s it! Plant. No problem, just prune them all in February the same way and you’ll be fine. This allows you to harvest raspberries from the same plants from July to October. Double Cropping Raspberries TerminologyFloricane Fruiting – A perennial raspberry that bears fruit on the 2nd year canes that survive the winter. Large-sized fruit with a dark red color and conical shape, the raspberry Autumn Bliss is excellent for savoring barely picked, to concoct delicious jellies or coulis and for the preparation of good tarts. The taste is very sweet and less acidic compared to many other varieties. And if you want the best of both worlds, you can even double-crop your autumn raspberries. Previous topic Next topic. The spine-free canes are leafy, easy to handle and prune and, the fruits are well presented, so picking is easy too! getting a double crop from Autumn Bliss raspberries. The plants grow to around 150cm / 6ft high and have good disease resistance. 0,06 €. What happens is this: Instead of cutting your Autumn Raspberries to the ground in February you leave the canes to grow into Spring and Summer. Cultivars such as ‘Joan J’, ‘Autumn Treasure’ and ‘Himbo Top’ are considered to be particularly well-suited to double-cropping (Varieties such as ‘Autumn Treasure’, ‘Himbo Top’ and ‘Joan J’ are considered to be particularly well suited to double cropping.) Posts & Wires A supporting framework of posts and wires should be erected in the early winter following the first … The raspberry Autumn Bliss is one of the climbing fruit trees, very vigorous with a flowering period from May to July and a harvest period starting from August until the end of October. Double cropping of autumn fruiting raspberries is useful method of producing summer fruit if space does not allow for the growing of both summer & autumn fruiting cultivars. Polka As delicious as it is generous, with yields double that of many other cultivars. Reduce the number of canes slightly in summer if they are very overcrowded. 11. And the thought of guzzling these delicious raspberries in summer has my mouth already watering at the prospect. These will produce next years crop. Autumn-fruiting raspberries. 'Autumn Bliss is a Primocane variety, so it produces fruits on it's new season stems, form August to first frosts of late October. Did you know? Autumn Bliss raspberry canes carry the latest raspberries of the year. Summer-fruiting raspberries – which crop on canes grown the year before – have left a sour taste in my mouth. New canes will start growing in spring. Moderators: KG Steve, Chantal, Tigger, peter. All I do is start by snipping out the old canes, upon which fruit was produced the previous summer, right down to ground level. Fruited canes are the older-looking woodier ones, not the new, greener and more flexible canes. If you want to adopt the double cropping method of growing whilst avoiding the downside effects, I would suggest you plant two rows of autumn fruiting raspberries – to put it simply, row A and row B. The bare root plants are hand graded and carefully selected before packing. Inscrivez-vous? Estimated time to cropping once planted: 4-8 months. Don’t know which are which? At which point you slice them down to the ground and leave the newer, greener, springier … You are good to go. The results for the double cropping experiment are exciting. Our webstore uses cookies to offer a better user experience and we recommend you to accept their use to fully enjoy your navigation. Cultivars such as ‘Heritage & Autumn Bliss’ are well suited to double cropping. General tips / questions on seeding & planting. It eliminates the confusion, hassle and constant rechecking of labels. In the end, to support or not to support probably depends on your particular plot and growing conditions. In fact, with many “autumn” raspberry varieties, the only difference between them and the “summer” fruiting types is how we choose to prune them, not actual genetics. We were impressed with this new technique and think it’s a great way to … Autumn Bliss Often dismissed as a novelty due to its yellow hue, this is sweet with a heavy crop of berries. Even more so since I recently discovered double cropping: a crafty little pruning technique which means you can have raspberries from July to the first frosts, from the same canes. Add to cart. If the berries do not come away from their ‘plugs’ easily, then they are not ready. Autumn fruiting raspberries do not normally require a supporting framework in sheltered gardens because the canes are short and sturdy, however in more exposed areas a post and wire system should be erected and the canes should be planted as per the English hedgerow system. With Summer Fruiting varieties remove canes that have fruited immediately after fruiting, leaving the new vegetative (non-fruiting) canes to overwinter. In some varieties this continues right up until the first frosts. 2: Start late autumn/early winter with autumn-fruiting raspberry canes which have just finished fruiting. They are much heavier yielding, significantly easier to grow and, to my mind, just as good (if not even better) in the flavour stakes than the mighty strawberry. Autumn is considered the best time to prune raspberries. The raspberry Autumn Bliss is... Choose size/pot 30/35 cm pot ⌀ 12 cm; 6,20 € (tax incl.) They produce medium sized yellow raspberries from mid august right through to mid October in many years. Cropping slowly in August, Autumn Bliss picks up the pace in September. All of our Raspberries have been inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture for pests and diseases and certified. Consider double-cropping once the canes are established and growing strongly. The idea here is that you cut out fruited canes and leave the newer, greener canes to produce an earlier crop next year. Have a question? With the remaining healthy growth, keep the six strongest canes and remove all the rest, snipping them right down to the ground, just as you did with the dead ones. In some cases – ‘Autumn Bliss’, ‘Sugana’ and ‘Autumn Treasure’ – double-cropping produced twice the yield; and even famously high-yielding types like ‘Joan J’ gave nearly a kilo more raspberries … Polka is an excellent choice for double cropping. Note: Only consider double cropping your raspberry plants once the canes are established and growing strongly. Double cropping of autumn raspberries. It produces extremely tasty and sweet fruits. Growing raspberries that fruit in autumn almost completely sidesteps the unpleasant issue of raspberry maggots. Email James at or follow him on Twitter @Botanygeek. Joan J Sweet and aromatic, on mercifully spine-free plants. I came across a technique called double-cropping (sounds like my kind of cropping!). If, however, you essentially treat them like summer-fruiting types, only reducing half of these canes to ground level, the plants will respond by producing two flushes of fruit: once in the autumn, as per usual, from the new growth, but also one much earlier in the year from canes that matured the summer before. This super straightforward hacking back then encourages the plant to develop brand new, vigorous growth from below ground, which then matures late in the year, thus giving you a harvest from August onwards. Raspberries will grow almost anywhere provided they are planted on a well drained soil, although you will need to improve the ground if planting on a heavy, shallow, sandy or gravelly land. 1: If you’ve just planted your raspberries, leave them to grow and establish for at least a year before you start pruning at all (let alone double pruning). It is important to understand that only certain varieties are suitable for this treatment. One tends to think of raspberries as a summer berry, but this variety allows you to pick heavy crops of autumn soft fruit as well. They can be expected to provide worthwhile crops for ten to twelve years, before needing to be replaced. I plan to try this method next year, so if you’ve tried double-cropping your autumn raspberries please leave us a … More details, Ce produit est actuellement en rupture de stock, The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Otherwise, these shoots will be parasitized by insects that feed their body before hibernation. The idea here is that you cut out fruited canes and leave the newer, greener canes to produce an earlier crop next year. If space is limited, it’s the only way to grow. Double Cropping Raspberries TerminologyCommercial Everbearer –Primocane Variety that Produces Two Marketable Crops per Year. Adopting this strategy, in my experience, is also a pretty nifty trick if you have inherited plants and have no idea which of these categories they fall into. Choosing whether or not to aim for a double harvest will depend on a number of factors. In Indian summers, raspberries can still be picked in the first week of October. Some say that you don’t have to support autumn cropping raspberries, but in my experience, if left unsupported, the fruit- laden canes reach the ground, spoiling some of the fruit and making picking the rest difficult. By buying this product you can collect up to 6 'Autumn Bliss' has proven itself as a popular and successful gardener's variety for a number of year's, with good disease resistance and long cropping period. This will help to spread out the harvest and, in most cases, increase overall yields. Raspberries don’t like soil with a Ph higher than 6.5. Autumn raspberries have a richer, mellower taste than their sharper summer cousins and I always used to make them into a raspberry & cinnamon torte in the days when we lived in Scotland and had plenty of berries in the damper climate and peaty soil. Very good productivity and with the advantage of having very spiny stems, the raspberry Autumn Bliss can measure in adulthood from 0.70 to 1.50 m with a width or spread ranging from 0.50 to 0.70 m. It is known to be highly resistant to diseases while tolerating cold temperatures down to -25 ° C. Affecting cool, well-drained soils and sunny exposure, it is recommended to maintain moist soil from the planting stage to the harvesting stage. Canes should be planted about 1m apart, and should be contained or managed to ensure the canes don’t spread. The double cropping gave a harvest of 5.5 kilos. Ripe raspberries will keep in the fridge for a few days, but if you are not going to eat them promptly, freeze them soon after you have picked the fruits. At some point the existing canes will flower and give you a crop. The results for Polka and Joan J were less dramatic but still significant. Spread: 50cm (20"). You’re ready to start pruning after they’ve produced their first good crop. loyalty points. If you follow all the old-school gardening books, the standard advice is to snip back autumn-fruiting raspberries right down to ground level in February. From just three plants I get more fruit than my family and I can ever eat, in exchange for little more than 10 minutes of pruning a year, plus the effort it takes to pick them. British bred in East Malling, this delicious autumn fruiting variety produces large, sweet fruits from August to October. Normally you would cut these right down to the base, every single stem: but instead … Instead of cutting back all the fruited canes now, select up to eight of the most robust plants every 3ft (1m) and just remove their tops. I was concerned that double cropping might deplete the lifespan and resources of the canes. Rubus Idaeus Autumn Bliss is a variety of very vigorous and productive late raspberries. I have always had a thing for raspberries. If you are already a convert, here is a simple trick that can greatly extend the fruiting season of the autumn kind for really no extra work. So I investigated further. If planting multiple rows of raspberries, the orientation of the fence systems to the sun are important. A If you want a double crop from your autumn raspberries, leave all the canes unpruned after their first summer’s crop. Autumn fruiting. They are much heavier yielding, significantly easier to grow and, to my mind, just as good (if not even better) in the flavour stakes than the mighty strawberry. Simply follow the below points to achieve the best results; These are easy to identify as instead of being firm and green like new growth, they are dry and brown – a tell-tale sign that these branches are now dead and will not produce more flowers or fruit. Make sure you water during hot dry spells (here’s hoping! A single fence system is more than sufficient for supporting raspberry canes. The double-fence system uses a lot of materials, is complicated to build, and doesn’t really provide any additional benefits, so it’s essentially pointless. The results for … Pas encore de compte? These should produce an earlier crop of fruit in the summer the following year. Autumn Bliss Often dismissed as a novelty due to its yellow hue, this is sweet with a heavy crop of berries. loyalty points that can be converted into a voucher of Cut back all the old, fruited canes to ground level in February. These will bear fruit for you later in the year.

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