Is the Coronavirus, Covid-19 Pandemic a Mistake, or a Cover-up?

Posted On Sep 8, 2020 by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD

Part 2 of If it looks like a duck

Greetings, the Nutrition Ninja Doc (aka Max MacCloud, DO, ND, PhD) here with a quick post about ducks and the "pandemic" or "scamdemic" as I prefer to call it.

Contrarian Perspective on the coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2, Covid-19 Pandemic; WHO should you trust?

If you're a sentient being vs an automaton or collaborator, you are likely experiencing a significant amount of cognitive dissonance when listening to and reflecting on what the media is saying about the so-called pandemic. This is totally normal since the information being presented just doesn't make sense.

Previously, I wrote about the well-known saying "if it looks like a duck", Etc. with regard to the fact that nothing about this "pandemic" looks like a viral pandemic. This installment looks at another aspect of this issue, the coverage of the so-called "pandemic."

Remember, I'm not necessarily saying that there is NO viral component to what is going on, there may well be. However, what I am saying is that the virus, if it is playing a significant role in all of this, is NOT the primary cause or issue.


This installment will focus on the response, the information being provided by the various "authorities", as well as the coverage by the media in general. Regarding the media, I no longer believe it is appropriate to distinguish between the "mainstream media" and "alternative media" as most of the alternative media is also being controlled to some degree. The degree of censorship and influence going on has made such distinctions very blurry.

Now, back to this week's "DUCK". What looks, walks, and quacks like a duck, with regard to how this entire thing is being portrayed by the media? This week's duck is about a coverup.

What is a coverup? A cover-up is simply an attempt to prevent people from discovering the truth about a mistake or crime. There are many motivations & strategies that might be involved in a cover-up and it may or may not have anything to do with a larger diabolical plan or conspiracy. Remember, however, history is FULL of conspiracies, some we know about while many have never been openly confessed to. We only "know" about the ones where one of the conspirators actually spilled the beans.


So, how about that duck? If there is, in fact, a cover-up, what might they be covering up and who are 'they?' We can only speculate, of course, as I do not claim to have any special 'inside' knowledge, just a long history of observing & studying both medical and scientific cover-ups. As an example, everyone should acknowledge the longstanding cover-up by the tobacco industry about smoking's connection to respiratory disease and cancer. I can't imagine anyone arguing that the industry wasn't aware of the very strong connection between smoking and lung cancer for DECADES before they were ultimately forced to admit that they knew and had covered it up. Oh wait, come to think of it, I'm not so sure that they EVER did admit to the cover-up, although they were finally forced to admit the connection and pay numerous huge settlements.

The amazing part of the tobacco story is that millions of people continued to smoke long after it was pretty much 'in-stone' that smoking is extremely damaging to one's health. Many of them clung to the delusion that the connection just wasn't that strong or definitive. After all, many smokers never actually developed and died of lung cancer.


How does this relate to today's topic and duck? The duck in this case is a cover up as to the true cause(s) of the current pandemic. Is it really all about a virus? Let's dig a bit deeper.

'They' (the so-called experts in charge, the 'authorities', and the media) are telling us that the current 'pandemic' is due to a mysterious new coronavirus. BUT, this 'novel' virus is vastly different than any virus we've ever seen.


First off, the data indicates and has been corroborated by scientists from several countries, that the 'novel' coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2 has actually been around for at least two decades based on the evidence. There is NO confirmation that it was developed as a biological weapon or that it originated in the Wuhan wet market. Both of those early theories were wild-assed speculation that never fit the facts but made for sensational news stories.

Next, we are being told that this is a variation of the coronavirus, of which there are over 500 known variants, only 7 of which infect humans, however, this ONE is totally different. It is deadlier and more infective. This has clearly been debunked yet the authorities and media are still pushing it. It now appears that Covid-19 is about as deadly as the annual flu in terms of the percentage of those infected that ultimately die from it. Of course, even those numbers have been grossly inflated.

We have also seen and been told by many treating physicians that the signs and symptoms of infection with this virus vary tremendously, in fact, they are all over the place. They range from ZERO signs and symptoms to rapid death. We've been told it is many times deadlier than the flu, however, the data now show that it really isn't. We've been told that asymptomatic carriers can infect many others, however, the data now shows that this was a complete and utter fabrication, more wild-assed speculation. We've been told that masks would protect us and others BASED on zero data and AGAINST the finding of every study done on masks and airborne viruses which point to the exact opposite conclusion. We've been told that social distancing would help to slow the spread of this deadly virus, again, based on complete, wild-assed speculation. We were told that shutting down the economy would 'flatten' the curve thereby sparing hospitals from being overrun and making sure enough ventilators would be available for those that really needed them. We no KNOW that the entire reason for this, lack of ventilators, was totally OFF. Ventilators killed WAY more people with estimates as high as 80-85% of those put on them! Why? Because this isn't primarily a viral pneumonia, that's why. It is oxygen starvation and a disruption of basic physiology coupled with a dysfunctional immune response.


Do you realize that a drop of seawater contains over a million viral particles? Do you realize that over 800 MILLION viral particles fall from the sky every day PER SQUARE METER OF THE PLANET? Do you realize that viruses have been demonstrated to travel across oceans and continents by air currents? Do 'they' ever mention any of these know facts in the media?


The 'cover-up duck' is the duck that I am writing about today. Whenever there is a unified message being rammed down our throats, you can pretty much guarantee that there is some kind of organized effort to make that happen. Humans simply do not, cannot, and should not, AGREE on things with no sound scientific or logical foundation. It would go completely against who and what we are. Perhaps our biggest strength is our ability to ask questions and seek answers. We have an underlying uneasiness when presented with information that conflicts with our understanding of the way things work. We do not inherently accept the things we are told, at least not if we still possess the ability of critical thought. Sadly, for many people, the 'gift' or discipline of critical thinking has left the building. It has been 'trained' or 'brainwashed' out of them.

What I believe we are dealing with is a massive cover-up of some kind. A cover-up of the TRUTH. Now, it is still impossible to say what the whole truth really is at this point. That requires information that is not readily available and is being obfuscated by those who are facilitating the cover-up.

What we do know, however, is that the story we are being told has changed almost every other day. We know that the various spin doctors have been working overtime to present a 'virus-centered' explanation for the 'pandemic.' We also know that the whole thing, especially the response does not add up, it does not pass the stink test.

Police interrogation 101 involves being wary of changing stories. The police know that if a suspect keeps changing their story, they are almost certainly lying. The same rule applies here on several levels. Although some of the 'party line' stories have remained consistent, all of the variables and explanations have been constantly changing. The consistent part that they have been selling from the start is that this is a virus. Of course, that's analogous to the 'I didn't do it,' that is so common in virtually every crime suspect. Every criminal suspect starts with 'I didn't do it,' just as this story started with 'it is a novel virus.' The difference is that a criminal speaks for themself, but a virus can't. The initial denial in this case was simply made by those initially in charge of the investigation. It could easily have been a mistake versus an actual lie or misdirection.


But where was the smoking gun? There was no smoking gun. The people sent to figure out 'who did it' were 'virologists' who were looking for a 'viral' culprit. Furthermore, they have been expecting and were specifically looking for a novel coronavirus! Yes, do some homework and research, this has been predicted for quite a while. BUT that doesn't mean that that is what it is at all. It just helps to explain how a coronavirus might have mistakenly been pinned as the cause of the current pandemic.

Any true scientific inquiry has to look at alternative causes and contributing factors. They did not do so based on any data presented. Did they consider that toxins could be involved? That air quality and particulate matter could be involved? That harmful EMF (all manmade EMF is harmful) is involved? That massive vaccination campaigns might be playing a role? That stress and malnutrition might be involved? NO, they did not. AND I have to tell you that each and every one of those things is likely playing a bigger role in all of this than a novel coronavirus.

There is a great deal of data to support that each of the above could account for most of what we're seeing in terms of morbidity & mortality. When several of those factors are taken together, particularly when we also throw in a new virus, do a far better job of explaining what we are seeing than the 'novel' killer coronavirus explanation that we are being fed.

That data will be presented in future installments.

Please comment if you 'get' what I'm alluding to. I'd like to know if I'm being too subtle and need to spell it out better.

My objective was simply to provide a little something to think about. That's it for Part Two of �If it looks like a duck.�

The Nutrition Ninja signing off.