Masks BAD, Hygiene GOOD - Masks & other strategies to reduce the spread of potential pathogens

Posted On Nov 14, 2020 by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD

Part 1 of Masks & Hygiene

Greetings, the Nutrition Ninja Doc (aka Max MacCloud, DO, ND, PhD) here with a quick post about ducks and the "pandemic" or "scamdemic" as I prefer to call it.

Masks are virtually useless at preventing the spread of airborne viruses.

This is NOT about the politics of wearing masks and social distancing, etc. I distrust and intensely dislike BOTH political parties and believe that they are both responsible for the mess this nation finds itself in. Sadly, political leaders on both sides of the aisle are informed, actually misinformed, by the various so-called doctors and scientists that are advising them. I have no political affiliation and do not support either party or the current way our entire political system operates. I am pro-democracy, or more accurately, a pro-democratic republic AND I support FREE market capitalism. None of those are what we currently have contrary to what conventional wisdom says. We are currently run via a "Monopoly Capitalism" system that is the antithesis of both true capitalism and a democratic republic.

Our current dilemma runs deep and is quite complex. There are multiple layers of obfuscation involved. Some of it is likely "innocent mistakes" based on the distorted viewpoint and perspective of so-called "modern medicine," while some is due to the very real, very strong psychological phenomenon known as "escalation of commitment" modified by positive information bias. Some of it, the misinformation that is, is very likely intentional.

The point is that this relatively brief post is about the science. What the CDC and MSM are portraying as science is simply not accurate. I cannot speculate as to why there is such a huge amount of misinformation being spread, which will likely take years to figure out.


  1. Masks are virtually useless at preventing the spread of airborne viruses although they can help to a degree with reducing the spread of bodily fluids from coughing and sneezing (as well as spit from those who have not mastered speech without spraying those around them). Of course, those are things most 5-year old children are aware of how to do. All of the authorities agreed on this just 6 months ago, but the narrative shifted for undisclosed, non-scientific reasons.

    • Masks do far more harm than good for a variety of reasons including restricting breathing, lowering Oxygen saturation, increasing carbon dioxide, serving as a breeding ground for microbes, and dehumanizing us.
  2. Social distancing is a completely unproven idea presented as a "possible approach" to reduce transmission of certain infectious diseases. However, there have been NO studies or empirical scientific support for this. Airborne viruses are documented to travel intercontinentally, unaided by humans. 800 million viral particles fall from the sky every day PER SQUARE meter of the planet but standing 6 feet apart is supposed to somehow protect you. Complete nonsense!

  3. The science also confirms that the testing being done and reported is useless. PCR was not intended to be used for diagnostic purposes, it is a research tool. The current PCR test has a 50-80% false positive rate. The antibody test is even worse.

  4. The mortality rate for the supposedly "novel" coronavirus appears to be about the same as the flu.

    • Perhaps it is actually a variant of the flu with a somewhat different presentation due to OTHER confounding factors that people are now exposed to. Many have been speculating about this for several months, however, they are ridiculed and shouted down by the powers that control both the mainstream and social media platforms.

    • One of the biggest things that masks signify is the loss of our FREEDOM of SPEECH. We are being muzzled both figuratively and literally.

  5. We do not have accurate total mortality data available for the US or many other countries at this time, however, Germany does. The German data for the first six months of 2020 show that there has NOT been an increase in the total number of deaths compared to the previous five years.
    • We must be prepared to appreciate that the fact that ultimate power lies in information. He who controls the information, has the power.

Back to masks. By all means, protect yourself as you see fit, wear a mask if it makes you "feel" safer but STOP pushing your beliefs on others. The mantra of "your mask protects others, and their masks protect you" is complete and utter rubbish. It is total propaganda and its source and the reason it is being promoted remain a mystery at present. One thing that we do know, however, is that there is NO science to back it up.


Enhanced hygiene practices! Yes, hand washing and a couple of other things that people are not doing. Let"s break it down logically.

If in fact we"re dealing with an airborne pathogen, then it will be breathed in primarily through the nose unless you are a mouth-breather. If you are a mouth-breather that presents numerous health issues right there, so you need to address that asap.

Now, if you breathe a pathogen in via your nose, how does it propagate and get into your bloodstream? It first establishes itself in your sinuses which are cooler than your core body temperature where most pathogens are more comfortable and able to propagate. In the case of a virus, they cannot replicate themselves without first entering a cell and getting the cell to make more of itself. At some point enough viral particles are produced to explode the cell thereby spilling them out into the surrounding tissues where they can continue to insert themselves into and cause more cells to churn them out. Eventually they damage enough of the cells lining the area, damaging the tight junction barrier, that they can penetrate into the bloodstream. Once there, they will continue infecting cells throughout the body where they are able to gain foot holds.

What"s the EASIEST way to short circuit this infectious cycle? Destroy the invaders before they can replicate. How do you do this? By regularly clearing them out thereby dramatically reducing their numbers and allowing your immune system to deal with the reduced pathogenic burden much more efficiently. THAT is why regular hand washing helps. Hand washing does not STERILIZE your hands, that is simply NOT possible. What it does is reduce the number of microbes significantly which allows the skin"s immune protections to catch up and get a head of the pathogens.

How can you do this for the nasal passages? Nasal lavage! There are numerous ways to accomplish that and numerous solutions that can be used. Simple water helps while saltwater helps a LOT more. From there you can use dozens of different formulations that are more effective than water and salt water alone.

One such solution is one I was involved in formulating called RHMEDY that consists of distilled water with added sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and food grade hydrogen peroxide. Together the combination is an excellent nasal and upper airway cleanser. To "jack up" the antimicrobial action even more, add a couple of drops of Lugol"s Iodine solution.

The next innovation will be to add certain aqueous humic substances that have been demonstrated to strengthen the tight junctions throughout our bodies. This creates a much stronger barrier to protect us from pathogens. I have a new product in the works that does this with a combination of Shilajit and naturally occurring Carbon 60. It will be ready around Thanksgiving 2020 and tentatively will be called BIG RESTORE as it helps to Restore Brain, Immune, and Gut Structure & Function.

That data will be presented in future installments.

Please comment if you "get" what I"m alluding to. I"d like to know if I"m being too subtle and need to spell it out better.

My objective was simply to provide a little something to think about. That"s it for Part Two of "If it looks like a duck."

The Nutrition Ninja signing off.