Covid-19 Update - If it looks like a duck

Posted On Aug 25, 2020 by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD

Part 1 of 1

Greetings, the Nutrition Ninja Doc (aka Max MacCloud, DO, ND, PhD) here with a quick post about ducks and the 'pandemic' or 'scamdemic' as I prefer to call it.

"I've been extremely cautious about speaking up about 'the duck' in the room, however, there have been more and more contrarian perspectives coming out, along with blatant censorship, that have both encouraged me, and now demanded, that I speak up regarding what might really be going on."

SARS-CoV-2 is, of course, the name given to the recently identified, suspected cause of the pandemic that has rocked the world the past 6+ months. Covid-19 is the name given to the infectious process caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


There has been a TREMENDOUS amount of confusion and misinformation circulating about both. Far too many to begin to address in this post, as doing so would take more time and space than any of us have time for just now.

I've spent hundreds of hours trying to make sense of ALL the mixed messages about Covid-19 from the various 'authorities.' That research led me to a number of very interesting conclusions that I hope to share over the next several posts. To begin, I'd like to talk about the relationship between Covid-19, ducks, and coverups.


OK, I will admit that I am well versed in conspiracy theories. I'm not saying that I buy them all, but I am quite familiar with them. Virtually all of the major ones have some truth in them, at least based on the information I've studied. There's one major problem with many of them, however, and that is due to the very nature of conspiracies. By definition, a conspiracy is a secret agreement by two or more people to do something, usually something illegal. That covers virtually every illegal plan or act by two or more people. i.e., there are more conspiracies going on than can be counted. Now, the major problem is that they are secret and the only way to confirm that they are conspiracies is when one of the conspirators admits or confesses to the conspiracy. Obviously, that is NOT very common.

One of the many things that help to support and confirm my growing belief that this is all some kind of conspiracy, scam, or coverup is the fact that there has been and continues to be widespread censorship of contrarian viewpoints. Additionally, virtually all media, mainstream, and social, have been pushing the official narrative and censoring everything that contradicts it.


From very early on, I suspected that things were not as 'they' were telling us. Very little of the information made sense. In medicine, and I'm sure in other professions, we'd say that it 'didn't pass the sniff test.' Well, that's putting it very mildly. It actually smells like a pile of bullshit!

Just about everyone knows the saying. "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck." There are a few ways to apply those words of wisdom to the current situation.

For starters, what if it doesn't look like a duck, doesn't walk like a duck, and doesn't quack like a duck? But 'they' keep saying that it's a duck. Have you stopped to think about how unusual it is that most of the world's so-called 'authorities' have all fallen in lockstep and agreed with the initial assessment and pronouncement as to the cause of a handful of unusual cases of pneumonia-like symptoms? How common is it for the 'brilliant' medical detectives working for various agencies to find and agree on the cause of a medical mystery within a matter of days? How long have they been studying and trying to understand the causes and mechanisms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., etc.? Do you think that they really have a clue what they are doing? Do you really think that they are THAT smart? If you do, then you clearly don't know anything about the history of medicine or science in general for that matter.


While there certainly are some very bright people working for the various agencies called in to help assess what was going on, they are mere humans with all kinds of flaws, biases, and hidden agendas. The first thing we all need to do is step back, look at the big picture, and consider that the so-called experts that have determined what is going on could be completely wrong! There is a great deal of evidence that this is the case. Even if there's no conspiracy or coverup, they could simply be WRONG.

Next, think about this. How unusual is it that 'the media of the world' has also joined in lockstep and accepted and is pounding out a certain message? They are all promoting the 'duck' story. That includes pretty much all of the Mainstream Media, Bureaucrats, and various other talking heads from a variety of governmental, political, and NGO organizations, etc. They all keep repeating that it's a Duck.

I don't mean that they say 'it could be a duck' or 'maybe it's a duck,' no, they are screaming from the rooftops that it is a duck, in fact, it's a giant, killer duck and anyone that doesn't see that it's a duck is stupid and doesn't care about others! And oh, by the way, to defeat the duck we all need to wear masks and distance ourselves from other people. Spoiler alert, both of those things have absolutely no scientific data to support them, they are just part of the Bullshit propaganda that is apparently meant to distract us from the reality that the duck may not even EXIST.

People, being good little SHEEPLE, eventually, agree with, accept, and act as though there really is a giant, killer duck prancing down main street even though none of them have actually seen the duck. Kind of like religion, yes, I'm afraid that's a scam too. I know that I may have just lost a lot of people on that one but it's OK, they aren't really seeking the truth anyway, they are confirmed sheeple.

*Note that sheeple may be much too gentle a term for those who follow blindly. Although sheep may follow, they also have the ability and good sense to protect and defend themselves from danger. Many members of our modern society are behaving more analogous to 'collaborators' by their adherence to completely absurd constraints that have been placed upon them by fools and higher-level collaborators. Think of the way so many of the citizens of Nazi Germany 'collaborated' with the Nazis by informing on their fellow citizens who spoke out against Hitler's rhetoric. Today, we refer to the most blatant example of those collaborators as 'Lindas.' It's a new term but we might as well get familiar with it as there are quite a few Lindas out there. And, just to be clear, many of those Lindas are men.


More re 'sheeple,' I've recently been inspired by a very bright Englishman, Vernon Coleman. He's a renowned and quite prolific author, be sure to look up his videos and website. He feels that these people need to be referred to as collaborators rather than sheeple. He has raised sheep and feels that calling people that blindly follow and do what they are told against their own self-interests is an insult to sheep. Sheep are actually quite smart and look out for their own self-preservation, the 'collaborators' not only follow blindly, they actively spread lies and dangerous misinformation with righteous indignation.

Collaborators are clearly not in on the 'scam,' but they actively participate and support the scammers' AKA conspirators, by blindly following the narrative even though it makes no freaking sense.


OK, back to the duck, that giant, killer duck. So, just because the powers that be set a narrative that says there's a giant killer duck terrorizing the world AND that the majority of the people choose to knuckle under and believe the ludicrous lie, does that make it a duck? NO, it doesn't make it a freaking duck! The exact same reasoning applies to the not so novel coronavirus. The data and logic point to other factors being the primary cause of the pandemic vs the virus.

Please comment if you 'get' what I'm alluding to. I'd like to know if I'm being too subtle and need to spell it out better.

My objective was simply to provide a little something to think about. That's it for part one of "If it looks like a duck."

The Nutrition Ninja signing off.